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  • Here you will find material for faith formation. It will draw largely from the traditional faith literature of our tradition as that is a source which can be difficult to access for those not used to working in this area.There is in the Catholic tradition a wealth of insight into faith formation which is often lacking in discussion of the subject today. Our aim is to provide easier access to important insights from those authors who have been given special recognition by our tradition. The material will be divided into four categories. The first will be material related to the nature of the faith life. The second will be devoted to the insights of those authors who have offered some overview of the faith journey and how one proceeds in it, e.g. the seven mansions of Teresa of Avila. The third will be devoted to those means that tradition puts before us to help us grow in the faith journey. The fourth will be devoted to the virtues, because they have a special place in moving us forward in the journey. Where possible, the text of the authors will be put on the website. However, for copyright reasons, it may be necessary just to lead the viewer to a site where the material is already on the internet.

  • The Faith Life

    The Faith Life

  • The Faith Journey

    The Faith Journey

  • Tradition & Growth on the Faith Journey

    Tradition & Growth on the Faith Journey

  • The Virtues

    The Virtues